One big family at Royal Freemasons Sale

L-R: Personal Care Assistant Kayanne Bennett, Lifestyle Assistant Cailey Hutchins, and Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Jamie Attard.

Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Jamie Attard joined Royal Freemasons’ aged care home in Sale while she was still a student. At the time, she didn’t expect to stay in the aged care sector for long, but now, more than a year later, she could not imagine working anywhere else.

“I was referred to Royal Freemasons by one of my nursing friends from university, and I just stayed here,” says Jamie. “At the beginning of my nursing course I thought that I would love to be in a hospital setting, but since working here I found that I love aged care. It’s the residents and the people you work with that make the difference.

“People told me not to get stuck in aged care, but Australia has an ever-growing population and it’s only going to get bigger. We need qualified people who care and are going to be there to look after residents and treat them like family,” says Jamie.

Jamie’s heartfelt enthusiasm for her job made it easy to convince her sister Kayanne Bennett to join her at Royal Freemasons Sale a year ago. Initially starting as Housekeeping Assistant, Kayanne has since moved into the role of trainee Personal Care Assistant (PCA).

Like her sister, Kayanne loves her daily interactions with the residents and the supportive team environment. “I love the residents,” says Kayanne. “You do get quite attached to them. And my co-workers — I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my colleagues.”

Kayanne’s daughter, Cailey (Jamie’s niece) has also joined Royal Freemasons Sale as a Lifestyle Assistant in the homes’ café, while she continues her studies in hairdressing.

Kayanne says, “Since Jamie encouraged me to work here, it’s just been a domino effect in our family with the three of us now working here.”

In the work environment, family extends beyond Jamie, Kayanne and Cailey to the colleagues and residents who make up the community at Royal Freemasons Sale.

“It doesn’t matter if you work in the laundry, on the floor, or in the lifestyle team, we are just one big family,” says Kayanne. “And most, if not all the residents see us as family. You don’t always find that sense of belonging in a workplace — it’s quite special.”

If you would like to join the Royal Freemasons Sale family, please check out the current vacancies on our careers page.

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